Fitness Motivation Charms: Keep It Fun With Luv Fit Charms

About Luv Fit®

Launched in 2014, the Luv Fit Jewelry® Collection began as a way to help inspire others on their weight loss and fitness journeys. For those of you just beginning and those of you who‘ve been there, done that, and got the t-shirt, Luv Fit is here for you with motivational charms and pendants. In fact we have a whole collection of jewelry that embraces your healthy lifestyle and pokes fun at our vices!

Charms To Share & Motivate

My name is Jules; I started sharing my weight loss journey on Instagram and found an unbelievable group of people just like me trying to lose weight and be healthy, only to try-and-try again. Once I found a lifestyle that provided results (50 lbs. – gone!) and watched all of you succeed with me, I created Luv Fit Jewelry to celebrate, share, and motivate us to keep at it, stay strong, and win (and find humor in our off days too)!

One thing’s for certain – no two journeys are the same, nor are they "perfect" (hence our pizza and cupcake charms). And for those who say losing 50 lbs. is "easy," let me tell you – they’ve never done it or they’re trying to sell something! The occasional cheat meal was part of my journey, as it is for most of us weight loss lifers, but that’s okay! Laughing at our imperfections and learning to celebrate our wins are equally important.

Family-Owned Motivational Jewelry

Our USA-made, handcrafted and designed Luv Fit jewelry is created with love in the USA by our small family business with the highest quality metals (and yet it’s super-duper affordable). Most of our charms and pendants are nickel-free, lead-free, hypoallergenic pewter and won’t tarnish – perfect if you’ have sensitive skin or have metal sensitivities. Our necklace chains and bracelets are also hypoallergenic stainless steel; a few are sterling silver. You can wear them in the shower and when you’re working out to show your luv of the fit life!

I hope you enjoy our Luv Fit® and Luv Coffee Jewelry whether you're purchasing them to remind yourself why you started on this amazing (crazy!) journey, buying them to say “Great job!” to a friend, or merely sharing your luv for lifting or donuts!