Awesome customer service! The owner was quick to respond and able to get the necklace out to me on time! The recipient of the gift loved it! It was exactly what I wanted! I will order again from this shop! ❤️

Nicole (Customer from our Etsy Shop)

I'm really not jewelery guy, but I wear this proudly lol I'm pleased with everything about this "20.4kg" charm lol I've gotten more compliments on it then I have on my hair on great hair days lol I'm no tree hugging tight Jean wearing man bun & natural fibers type of guy, but, I can stand behind a family making it happen, by buying local. If you know anyone that slings iron for fun, they will appreciate one of these more than u know. Maybe even motivate em like it does me.

Customer from our Etsy Store

The quality of the charms exceeded my expectation ! The details on each charm give it character! Would highly recommend this shop and product !

Yvonne (Customer from our Etsy Shop)

I am absolutely in love, I got this for my close friend and I for one of her Christmas gifts and it's November but I'm already dying to give it to her!!! Everything about it, the weight, the feel, the actual chain, Agh! I want more!!!

Bri (Customer from our Etsy Shop)

Adorable charms with a lot of detail, shipped quicker than expected. Will definitely order from this shop again (:

Noor (Customer from our Etsy Shop)