About - Luv Fit Jewelry

Fitness and Food Inspired Charms and More!

I started Luv Fit around 2014 to help inspire others to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle. After sharing my own weight loss journey on Instagram and witnessing the fitness and weight loss journeys of others, I realized that not every journey is the same, nor are they "perfect" (hence our pizza and cupcake charms, haha). The occasional cheat meal was part of my personal journey and many other people I followed on Instagram. Plus, who doesn't love a cute pizza charm??

I'm a mother of 2 so things can get a little chaotic at times. But fitness and health are a passion of mine, so I try to make time for it regularly. I even use my own jewelry to keep myself motivated - hopefully it does the same for you!

The majority of our charms are made out of pewter and are manufactured in the USA. Pewter is a great alternative to sterling because (1) it is considered hypoallergenic and thus, is a good option for those with metal allergies and (2) does not tarnish like sterling does.

Note: Not all pewter is created equal. No matter where you purchase from, make sure that the pewter you are buying is made in the USA or has some sort of certification of actually being pewter. I have found some items here on Etsy and elsewhere that are marked as "pewter" but are not actually pewter. Pewter is made out of 85-99% tin, while the rest of the metal consists of copper, antimony and bismuth. Pewter does not contain zinc alloys, which can create problems for those with sensitive skin or metal allergies.

I hope that you enjoy our products, whether you're purchasing them to remind yourself why you started or merely sharing your love for lifting and donuts.


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