Have you checked out our Luv Fit Jewelry® pages and can’t decide which fun pieces to buy? Our earring collection of best-sellers makes it simple to add that extra bit of motivation every time you look in the mirror! And, yes, hopefully by now you embrace your reflection as a beacon of all your hard work on your fitness journey.

Luv Fit Life

As you probably already know, I'm a huge fan of living a healthy and fit lifestyle. I also know it’s important to be real with ourselves! Unless you’re trying to have perfection for the next Iron Man, exercising hard to eat treats occasionally is really why most of us do what we do (or… is it just me?!) Wearing your favorite motivational sayings and workouts mixed with must-have food and beverages makes a light-hearted inspirational reminder of how far you’ve come and to stay strong.

USA-Made Hypoallergenic Motivational Jewelry

All of our USA-made handcrafted Luv Fit jewelry is created with the highest quality American metals and so affordable you can order gifts for your gym buddies too! Our charms and pendants are nickel-free, lead-free, hypoallergenic pewter or stainless steel. Our earring hooks are hypoallergenic surgical steel. Earrings can be worn in the shower and when working out.