Luv Coffee™ Charms

Luv Coffee Charms

Whether you take your coffee in a fancy cup and saucer or on the go in a ginormous hot cup, we’ve got fun Luv Coffee Charms for you and your coffee-loving friends. It starts with a bean (sterling silver, maybe?) and grinds on from there! Just like living a Luv Fit® life, for the best most flavorful cup of Joe you have to start at the beginning (with the bean and the motivation) and give it time to get just right.

Coffee Charms for Coffee Lovers by Coffee Lovers

For those of you who like your coffee as a skinny large-cappuccino with a frothy foam top or with a slice of pie (ooooh – extra squats tonight!), we have charms to cover all the bases! Browse our Luv Coffee Collection of earrings, necklaces, and key chains, or mix and match for a custom piece of Luv Fit Jewelry®.

High-Quality Coffee Charms & Jewelry

Charms and pendants are hypoallergenic, lead-free, nickel-free pewter unless otherwise noted. The necklace chains are hypoallergenic stainless steel or sterling silver. All materials are safe for those with sensitive skin and metal allergies. Key rings are made of durable stainless steel.

Your favorite coffee jewelry can be worn all the time – even in the shower and when working out. Keep in mind it may require more regular polishing and cleaning to keep the charms shiny. All Luv Fit Jewelry is made in the USA by our Luv Fit family business.

Custom Coffee Jewelry

Want to create custom Luv Fit Coffee + Fitness Jewelry? Click here to choose your coffee and fitness charms and pendants, then click here to Create Your Own and follow the 3 easy steps.