Weight Loss & Fitness Motivation: Luv Fit® Necklaces & Charms



Looking for fresh weight loss and fitness motivation? You’ve come to the right place! Did you crush the CrossFit WOD and meet your week’s weight-loss goals or… not? Whatever the rocky road (and I’m not talking ice cream) of weight loss and fitness has thrown your way, Luv Fit Jewelry® is sure to pump you up and make you smile! Our motivational necklaces help keep your fitness journey fun and remind you to keep on keepin’ on. You can do it!

Will Workout for Cupcakes … Charms!

Let’s face it – very few of us love the workout. We do it so we can eat a little of our favorite foods and have a bevvie or two on the weekends. From one kettlebell dangler to another, I hear ya! So why not pay tribute to the thing you like the most about the thing you like the least and add a few yummy vices alongside?

We have a large selection of necklaces designed with fitness charms, food, beverages, motivational sayings, and goals. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, you can create your own unique combo.

Building your own charm necklace with say a dumbbell, running shoe, or weight plate mixed with a stiletto, heart, and taco, is a fun way to say, “Will lift for fabulous legs and love of tacos!” Treat yourself to a one-of-a-kind motivator and start a conversation.

Handcrafted Motivational Necklaces

Our USA-made, handcrafted Luv Fit Jewelry is created with the highest quality American metals (and yet it’s super-duper affordable). Most of our charms and pendants are nickel-free, lead-free, hypoallergenic pewter and won’t tarnish – perfect if you’re allergic to or have metal sensitivities.

They can be worn in the shower and when working out, but may require more regular polishing and cleaning to keep the charms shiny. Our necklace chains are also hypoallergenic stainless steel or sterling silver. You’ll see the metals listed on each item.

Buy a Few Necklaces & Charms for Free Shipping

First-time buyer? Get 10% off your entire order! And all orders over $50 – always-free shipping! Go on –get out there and conquer your weight loss and fitness goals and treat yourself and your fitness buddy with a fun, motivational necklace with Luv! We thank you for supporting a family-owned, American company that wants nothing more than your happiness (and a big cheeseburger).