Yoga Beaded Bracelets

Yoga Beaded Bracelets

Who says working out has to be in the form of lifting, pounding it out, and high-intensity cardio? Yoga is a supreme way to stretch your tired body, gain strength and flexibility, and find that ever-elusive peace of mind. Luv Fit Jewelry® is proud to offer one-of-a-kind, handmade Yoga Bracelets made of gemstone beads to gently remind you to stay the course and luv yourself on your fitness journey.

Lotus Flower Charm Bracelet

The lotus flower is associated with purity and beauty, rebirth and the sun. Isn’t our health and fitness journey a rebirth? A sun in our winter? (Whoa – getting preeetttty deep in here!) All kidding aside, the emotions of struggling with weight loss and getting fit are as big of a pain in the butt as the literal pain in the butt part of the journey. You know what takes away the sting of seriousness? Motivating yourself with something pretty.

Om Yoga Bracelet…Reaffirm Healthy Intentions

By bringing awareness to the fact that we all struggle with something, Luv Fit has designed Yoga Bracelets so you can reward and love yourself, remember to breathe, and never give up. When you look at your colorful Yoga Bracelet, you’ll be reminded that you can clear away the obstacles and reaffirm your intentions. “Ommm….” In other words, keep at it, Sista!

Handmade Beaded Gemstone Bracelets

When you’re ready to place your order, remember – all beaded bracelets are hand-made and feature natural gemstone beads that vary in shade and color. Double check the size of each bracelet to make sure it is the right fit for you. And, because many of these are one-of-a-kind, if you see one that you like, get it while you can!

Luv Fit® Motivational Jewelry is Hypoallergenic

All Luv Fit Jewelry is made with high-quality, hypoallergenic materials in the USA, so it’s safe if you have skin sensitivities. 

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