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About Us

Welcome to Luv Fit Jewelry®!

We are a small family-run business that features a selection of USA-made fitness and health-inspired charms, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, key chains, and now Luv Coffee™ jewelry. My name is Jules, owner and jewelry designer (extraordinaire) of Luv Fit Jewelry and Charms, and I want you to know – my inspiration for Luv Fit came from YOU!

Jules Luv Fit Jewelry

Our Motivational Jewelry Inspiration

On my weight loss and fitness journey, after many years of struggle and trial and error, I finally began to see results. It was a slow, emotionally and physically painful 2-year journey, but I kept at it and lost 50 lbs. How? Mostly, because of YOU.

One of the ways I pushed through was my insistence that I look at and confront my naked self in the mirror every single day. And, I started sharing my story (and photos –eek!) on Instagram. Yep, all my flesh out there for the whole world to see! It ended up being the best motivation I could’ve given myself (aside from jewelry, haha). I found a caring, supportive Instagram community and shameless humor that lightened my seriousness and helped me stay on track, and eventually, meet my weight loss and fitness goals.

Love & Laughter – The Best Motivators

After realizing how brutal and serious we can be with ourselves (and how cruel the world can be to people trying to lose weight) it didn’t take long to realize I wanted to do something fun and rewarding for all of us who struggle and fight our way to a healthier life.

The humorous memes from my fellow-weight loss comrades on Instagram were what got me through, so I thought, “Why not share some humor and empathy with all of you fitness-lovers (and loathers) in a cheeky, rewarding way?” No more guilt. No more shame. Just love and laughter. Luv Fit Jewelry was born!

Luv Fit Jewelry® Collection

The Luv Fit Jewelry Collection embraces the craziness and awesomeness of fitness, health, and vices with USA-made pewter charms and pendants that can be worn while sweating it out. They’re a light-hearted, rewarding way to embrace (and poke fun at) your own unique journey, no matter what route you’re taking – running, lifting weights, CrossFit, IIFYM, balance, yoga, clean eating … you get the idea!

Although we don't offer a charm for EVERY lifestyle out there (not yet, at least!), we are constantly working on new designs to represent every journey. If you don’t see the specific charm you’re seeking, contact us and let us know. We love feedback and ideas as we continue to add to our collections.

Jewelry for a Fun, Fit Life

I know how extremely difficult it is to fully commit to losing a lot of weight and maintain a healthy, fit life. I also know you’re strong and can do anything! Luv Fit wants to help motivate you and celebrate your journey while inspiring laughter together.

Let’s face it, staying positive and rewarding yourself and your fitness buddies for meeting your goals is important. A little self-luv can put a pep in your step (and inspire another rep) and motivate you to keep going and never give up. And, it doesn’t hurt to add a donut or glass of wine to the mix – on your Luv Fit Key Chain or Bracelet silly, not your plate!

If you’d like to read my entire story, follow Luv Fit on Instagram. Our blog, The Luv Fit Life, is full of fun facts and inspirational stories too. Sign up for our newsletter below to receive it via email (I solemnly swear not to clutter your Inbox) today! And thank you for your love and support of me, Jules, and our small, family-run business.